For owners of new, pushy or spooky horses, or horses who need groundwork training.....
Ready To Say Goodbye To All The Spooks, Pushy Behavior & Trail Riding Drama?
Get all the exercises & skills you need to stay safeestablish your personal space & improve your horse's confidence at home & away - in less than 14 days
Improve your groundwork & get ready to trail ride!
  • Includes 12 step by step unique groundwork exercises to stay safe, establish personal space, build confidence at home & on trails.
  • These groundwork exercises can be done in small areas including paddocks, yards & fields where your horse lives. 
  • Perfect for 6 main types of horses - fast, slow, pushy & in your space, spooky, hungry & herd bound & barn sour horses who don't want to leave their friends. Plus it's great for any horse who is new to groundwork!
  • Includes the 100 Miles a Month 14 day program & 3 months of daily coaching support In our private student community
  • ​Join 0ver 1,200+ successful horse owners who have completed this program & loved it! 

"Loved it! I am finally enjoying my horse again" - Mary, Canada.

"Steve's programme is a clear and structured way to build confidence and horsemanship. My horse bolted when he saw a cow appear over a hedge. My world shrunk when I lost my confidence. The structure is clear, manageable and enjoyable, enabling me to become a better leader so we can progress again. I am enjoying my horse again and have already recommended the challenge to my friends. Thank you Steve"

Got a horse who walks into your personal space?

Hands up if your horse has ever stood on your foot! Ugh :( I feel your pain... 

  • Maybe you have a new horse who walks into your personal space, and you want to fix this behaviour & stay safe.
  • Or you have a young horse or unridden horse (over 3 years of age) & want to start working on some super useful foundation groundwork exercises to prepare him for riding 
  • Or maybe you have a riding horse and you know you should be doing more groundwork exercises, but you're just not sure where to start?

But the issues often don't stop there.. 

So many horses are also spooky on trail rides!

And once again, it's all connected to a lack of groundwork training

Some horses have never been taught the exact groundwork exercises that will help them feel confident & also have great manners with you in-hand. 

You are not alone. Literally hundreds of thousands of horse owners feel stuck in these exact situations!
Tired of riding an anxious, spooky or nervous horse on trail rides? 
Maybe you avoid trail riding because you are worried your horse will lose confidence fast & behave dangerously?
Does your horse struggle with a lack of confidence in new places? Maybe they get super anxious & you start to lose confidence too?
Is your horse herd bound or barn sour? Does your horse panic when they have to leave their friends? (which is never good!)

But your partnership with your horse doesn't have to be like this!

  • What if there was a PROVEN way to build trust & confidence with your horse? And teach your horse perfect manners on the ground?
  • What if the solution didn't EVEN involve any riding?
  • ​What if it was suitable for ALL horses - including barn sour & herd bound horses?
  • What if you could help your horse say GOODBYE to anxiety & spooks forever?

I have some good news for you ...

There is a proven solution to these confidence issues, that has worked for over 1,200 horse owners around the world. 

Hi. I’m Steve Halfpenny
I am a horseman, award-winning film-maker, #1 best-selling author & Equitana Australia presenter from South Australia. I've spent the last 40 years helping people and horses around the world to understand each other better, by teaching clinics in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland and with my range of online training programs.
Steve has designed a two week online class, called Trail Brave™ Groundwork Toolkit (previously called the 100 Miles a Month™ Challenge), and has helped over 1,200 horse riders all around the world to turn their herd bound, spooky, barn sour & anxious horses, into calm & confident trail horses with superb manners on the ground. 

This program is designed specifically for 3 types of horses:

1: Horses who are a little pushy and come into your space uninvited, new horses who you are building a partnership with, or both horses their riders who need to improve their groundwork skills. 

2: Horses who struggle with spookiness in the paddock, arena or trail, who lack confidence in themselves, or who struggle to focus on you when you are together.

3: Horses who are herd bound or barn sour, & horses who panic or get worried when taken away from their friends, or when their friends leave.

And it includes useful groundwork lessons & exercises to help six specific horse situations...

The Pushy Horse

Struggling with a horse who walks into your personal space uninvited? Where you think one day they could knock you over?

The Spooky Horse

Got a horse who spooks dramatically when a bird flies out of a tree? This is a fast way to lose confidence & end up in a dangerous situation. 

The Hungry Horse

What do you do if you are leading your horse with lead rope & they put their head down to try to eat grass every few steps?

The Slow Horse

Got a slow horse who sets out at snails pace? Even if you increase your energy then you're dragging him and he still doesn’t speed up.

The Fast Horse

Got a fast horse, who takes big steps? And they are leaving you behind? How can you teach them to mirror your speed & slow down?

The Herd Bound Horse

Many horses find confidence when they are with their herd mates. When you take them away on their own... it all goes pear-shaped!

"So many people just have no idea how effective groundwork can be to help a horse" - Deborah, USA

"I have a three year old horse, who is a very fast learner. Before I decided to enroll in this challenge, I was worried that the challenge was possibly too basic for my & my horse. But once I started the challenge I realised I was wrong. The challenge showed me a new communication with my horse. In fact, it doesn't take a lot of time to do this with your horse. We need to spend quality time just like this with our horses!"

"It was so useful to get daily feedback from the coaches"

"I became motivated to start riding again" - Lydia, UK

"I’m Lydia from England. Jay is my 18 year old welsh cob. Before I joined this challenge I was slightly lacking motivation. Going through this challenge has motivated me to start riding again after a long time just doing groundwork in my field. The 100 mile challenge has given me more tools & strategies to help my horse when outside his and my comfort zone. And I have been able to help my friend who has recently got a new horse too!"

What makes this unique online training class so darn good that your horse will love it too?!

It's time to spill the beans.. 

Here is everything you will get when you join today...

  • 12 unique groundwork lessons and exercises to build confidence at home & on trails. Perfect for fast, slow, pushy, spooky, hungry & herd bound horses. Delivered to you in 12 daily challenge lessons & homework to do!
  • ​TRAIL BRAVE 100 Miles Challenge digital workbook
  • Advice & help when you need it - 7 days a week. Includes 3 months access to daily coaching in the facebook group included, from the date you purchase this program.
  • ​Recordings of 2 BONUS Q&A calls with Steve Halfpenny
  • FREE audio book of Steve's Halfpenny 'Building Trust and Softness
  • ​FREE ebook of Steve's Halfpenny 'Building Trust and Softness
  • ​FREE episode 1 of the award-winning STEVE TV online show. 

Total Value $894

Regular price: $297 USD

"I bought a new horse and wanted him to have the best start possible with me. Since I took this course, he has stopped spooking & relaxed a lot more. We enjoy our walks together, and he became very brave and trusting. It's been great!" Susie, Canada. 

Will this also work for VERY worried horses?

Spoiler alert: Yes it will!

This program includes a 10 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you enroll in this confidence building program and don’t get all the skills, strategies & exercises you need to help your horse build confidence, relaxation, reduce spooking & feel much safer in the first 10 days, just send me an email at and I’ll be happy to give you your money back.

Got Questions?
  • ​What’s the format of the program? When you join, you get immediate access to the pre-training videos & our private Facebook group, where you can meet all the course students. The next day, you get started on your 12 daily groundwork toolkit lessons. It will take about 10-15 minutes to watch each daily video, and about 15-20 minutes to do the homework with your horse. There is no riding requirement. 
  • Is this the 100 miles a month program? Yes, this training used to be called the 100 miles challenge. But because it's much more focused on 12 strategic groundwork exercises that EVERY horse should be able to do, it's now called the TRAIL BRAVE Groundwork Toolkit. 
  • ​What facilities do I need for this course?  You can complete all the lessons in this course in a paddock, field or arena, or where ever you normally train your horse. You do not need a round pen or an arena. 
  • Do I need access to trails or bridleways? If you have them that is great, but they are not a requirement. Many students in this challenge don’t have miles of land to walk on with their horses. You can do all of these groundwork lessons in a paddock or a field too.
  • Do I need to actually walk 100 miles? No. After you have done the 12 lessons in the groundwork toolkit, you are welcome to continue on & start walking miles on foot with your horse if you wish. but this is optional. 
  • My horse sometimes demonstrates behaviour that is a major safety concern - such as rearing, biting, bucking, bolting, etc. It this course suitable for me? No, this is not the course for you.. This course does not address or fix major behavioural problems. We would advise you to contact your vet as a lot of these types of issues begin with pain the horse has. 
  • What else do I need to buy? All you will need is a halter & 12 foot lead rope, and some form of flag is very useful also. 
  • What technology do you need? You need an optional facebook account, and a computer or smartphone to watch the daily videos. 
  • ​​Can I participate in the challenge even if I'm not riding my horse? Yes, this is 100% groundwork.
  • How many times can I watch these for? You have unlimited access for 3 years to the video lessons. You can watch all the video lessons as many times as you wish, on all your internet devices. You get access to the Facebook coaching group for 3 months from the date of purchase. 
  • Do I need a facebook account for this challenge? The challenge community will be based in facebook. So as the community is an important part of the challenge, I recommend you sign up for a facebook account, just for the duration of this challenge, in case you are not on facebook already. Most people are on facebook and they do have great community and group features.
  • Do I have to share videos of training my horse? No. But you are welcome to if you would like to. 
  • My horse is new, will this challenge be suitable for us? Yes, it’s a great way to build trust & connection with a new horse. 
  •  What if I don’t have time to work with my horse every day? That’s fine. This program is designed so you can do it in your own time. Many of our students do it in longer than 14 days & see great results. 
  •  Who is this not for? If you are not willing to focus on groundwork & be patient to allow your horse to learn in their own time. If you don’t have access to a horse. If your horse is less than 3 years of age. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase or use any of our products, courses or any items or online training solutions offered by Grey Pony Films. 
  • How long do I get access to the 14 daily lessons for? You get unlimited access, 24/7 on all internet devices, so you can watch anytime you wish. Your access to the video lessons does not end after 14 days, it ends after 3 years. 
  • ​Do you have a refund policy? Yes we have a 10 day 100% money back refund policy. 
  • What if I’m still not sure? If you've still got Qs, here is what I recommend. You can just email me and ask me any questions you have. I’m happy to help. 

"This course has helped me so much!" Maura, Ireland. 

"It's been a fantastic experience" - Melanie, Australia

""I really enjoyed this challenge with Steve Halfpenny. It's helped me and my horses heaps .I thought it was just about walking the horse - but it's so much more. I learnt how to guide my horse through manoeuvres - forehand turns, hind turns, changing your horses side with ease, and the horse moving around you brilliantly. My horse now looking at me as the leader and their confidence has grown in 14 days. Thanks Steve ""

"I am so glad we joined this course" - Michelle, UK

"Diamond is my 8 year old cob & has had 6 weeks off due to injury. For the last 2 weeks we've been walking out in hand, to make sure her confidence & our partnership is still as we left it. We had our first ride out this morning & she was forward, confident & responsive. Before this challenge, I would have felt sick to my stomach to take a horse out riding after that break. But I knew we would be ok, after taking those 2 weeks to work in our in hand walking & exercises. This strategy is really the most valuable tool in my toolbox. Michelle, UK. "

Join the TRAIL BRAVE Groundwork Toolkit Today

Here is everything you will get when you join today...

  • 12 unique groundwork lessons and exercises to build confidence at home & on trails. Perfect for fast, slow, pushy, spooky, hungry & herd bound horses. 
  • ​TRAIL BRAVE 100 Miles Challenge digital workbook
  • Advice & help when you need it - 7 days a week. Includes 3 months access to daily coaching in the facebook group included, from the date you purchase this program.
  • ​Recordings of 2 BONUS Q&A calls with Steve Halfpenny
  • FREE audio book of Steve's Halfpenny 'Building Trust and Softness
  • ​FREE ebook of Steve's Halfpenny 'Building Trust and Softness
  • ​FREE episode 1 of the award-winning STEVE TV online show. 

Total Value $894

Regular price: $297 USD

"I am very glad we did this challenge. Star & I have learned so much. This challenge has truly built our confidence. Even my riding instructor has noticed a big difference in mine & Star's relationship together. Fay, UK." 
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