Student stories

"I want to help horse to carry me in collection"

"Incredible transformation with a wild untouchable pony"

"My green 5yo is heavy in the front end and lacks flexibility... "

"I'm grateful to now see collection as a basic foundation, not an advanced process.."

"With the 100 miles a month I now have a calm horse who is focused on me!"

"Thank you for showing me the right way to develop my horsemanship.."

"Now I can do the first few steps of shoulder out...! "

"Collection is not just for dressage riders! "

Listening to the Horse™ (award-winning 7 part docu-series)

'Listening to the Horse™' filmed by Elaine Heney, is a 7 part docu-series, featuring over 70 of the worlds top horse people, including Mark Rashid, Jim Masterson, Steve Halfpenny, Dr. Robert Miller, Warwick Schiller, Guy McLean, Jeff Sanders, Karen Rohlf, Lester Buckley, Kim Walnes, Eitan Beth-Halachmy and many others. 

Community & social

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