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Tired of feeling like your riding skills haven't improved in years?

FREE TRAINING: Discover 3 Ways To Improve your Horse Riding in 60 Minutes, Even If You Are Stuck In A Rut Or Have A Novice, New or Inexperienced Horse.

The Steve Halfpenny Summit

Need Bitless Bridle Help?

Confused about bitless bridles? Not sure if you need a cross over, cross under, side pull, halter or hackamore? This FREE guide will show you the PROS & CONS of all the popular bridle styles, and help you get one step closer to riding bitless with your horse!

Enjoy episode 1 of Listening to the Horse™

'Listening to the Horse™' is the award-winning 7 part docu-series, created by Elaine Heney. 

This documentary featuresover 70 of the worlds top horse people, including Mark Rashid, Jim Masterson, Steve Halfpenny, Dr. Robert Miller, Warwick Schiller, Guy McLean, Jeff Sanders, Karen Rohlf, Lester Buckley, Kim Walnes, Eitan Beth-Halachmy and many others. 

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