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We help horse owners become beautiful horse riders By Listening to their Horse. 
Join over 73,000 horse owners around the world + become an amazing horse rider + listen to your horse while protecting your horse's long term health
We help horse owners become Inspiring horse riders By Listening to their Horse. 
Join over 73,000 horse owners around the world + become an amazing horse rider + listen to your horse while protecting your horse's long term health
How it works:
#1: Watch our award-winning documentary
#2: Train your horse with lightness and softness
#3: Enjoy a beautiful, happy & healthy horse
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The 100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge
Ever wish your horse would stop pushing into your personal space, and be calm and relaxed in new places? Join the “100 Miles a Month 14 Day Challenge” and improve your horse's focus, relaxation and confidence in just 14 days.
Wish you could ride and train your horse, without using gadgets or fear or intimidation, and develop lightness and softness while your horse's long term health - regardless of your current experience of skill level? Jion the Listening to the Horse' 14 day challenge and get step by step horsemanship lessons with some of the most amazing horse people in the world. 

Do you struggle with riding your horse in a way that is beautiful AND improves their long term health?
- Do you want to learn how to ride with lightness and softness, and learn lateral movements, like shoulder in and collection?
- Do you believe we should protect our horses long term health, and not start our horses too young or damage their bodies?
- Have you ever screamed 'NO' in horror, when someone suggests you use a forceful 'gadget' on your horse?!
- Are you tired of your horse looking like a giraffe every time you ride him - but you don't know how to start fixing it?
- Do you want a horse who is happy, confident, relaxed in all environments and is truly connected with you no matter where you are?
- Did you know that the way you ride your horse can have a significant effect on his long term physical and mental health
- Have you been searching for inspiring, world-class horsemen and women you can trust with your horse's training and health?
- Doesn't your horse deserve to be trained and ridden with kindness and empathy, in a way which improves his health?

What makes Grey Pony Films so different to ''traditional' horse riding lessons?
We help horse owners become beautiful horse riders, through world-class online training to develop lightness and softness, by listening to our horses and caring for their long term physical health. 

We've helped horse owners just like you, understand how horses learn and improve their groundwork and riding skills, while IMPROVING their horse's long term physical and mental health. But how can you get started? The answer is to get a free movie ticket for our award-winning 'Listening to the Horse' movie... 
We love horses, but we also care about you... 
  • More than 73,000 inspired movie viewers worldwide
  • Over 6,000 horse owners in our international online community
  • ​Multi-award winning equestrian film & documentary studio
  • ​More than 10,000 horses listened to worldwide...  
Our riders love:
  • Improving their horsemanship at home
  • Trail riding alone or with friends
  • California Vaquero horsemanship
  • Western Riding
  • Dressage & competitions
  • Working Equitation
  • Jumping 
.... and they have:
  • Awesome cobs
  • ​Smart ponies
  • ​​Beautiful mares
  • Horses of all breeds
  • Older horses
  • Retired horses
  • Young horses
If you want a happy and relaxed horse, with beautiful lateral work and collection, who is light and soft, and you want to be part of a wonderful partnership, proud of your horse, connected to your horse, and improving his long term health , then you are in the right place. 

We have some amazing free online workshops for you also... 
Steve Halfpenny
Creating the Soft, Relaxed Horse Workshop
Jeff Sanders
The California Hackamore Workshop
Steve Halfpenny
Garrocha for Balance and Posture Workshop
Jeff Sanders
Collection & Biomechanices Workshop
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Soft Feel and Light Horses
Enjoy Steve Halfpenny's award-winning documentary, filmed by Grey Pony Films in Australia. 
Out of the Wild
Out of the Wild is the story of Henry McBride, a down and out cowboy. Written by Mark Rashid. 
Listening to the Horse
Watch as 70+ of the world's top horse people share their stories in this award-winning 7-part docu-series. 
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82 Ways to Improve your Posture and Balance in the Saddle
Footfall - Getting in time with your horses feet when you ride
153 Ways to Become a Confident Rider
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Ozzie, the story of a young horse
At the horse sales in Kilkenny, Elaine Heney bought a green five year old gelding. Meet Ozzie the Conenmara and follow his many adventures!
Posture for Balance
Frustrated with your bad posture habits? Start transforming them into good habits and improve your balance and relaxation today
Conversations with the Horse
Enjoy the stories of those who watched the movie 'Listening to the Horse' and how they implemented the lessons learned with their own horses. 
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Grey Pony Films was founded by Elaine Heney, a horsewoman & award-winning film-maker from Ireland, who is inspired by Ozzie, her gorgeous grey Connemara. Enjoy our inspiring award-winning horse movies, documentaries, books, challenges and free workshops. 

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