Join Over 120,000+ Horse Owners Who Put Their Horses Physical And Mental Health First & Discover How To Improve Your Groundwork And Riding Skills By Listening To The Horse.
Join over 120,000+ horse owners who put their horses Physical and Mental Health first & Discover how to improve your Groundwork and riding Skills by listening to The horse.

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Enjoy These FUN polework exercises
Grab these Unique Pole Work Exercises To Improve Your Horse's Suppleness, Balance, Rhythm, Strength & Flexibility
💕 For beginners 💕
110+ Polework Exercises
Are You Bored Of Riding Around In Circles? Download 110+ Unique Pole Work Exercises & 1 & 2 Pole Challenges To Improve Your Horse's Suppleness, Balance, Rhythm, Strength & Flexibility, by Grey Pony Films™
💕 For improvers 💕
12 Months of Polework™
Ready for fun in 2021? Get 12 Months Of Downloadable Themed Polework Exercises To Improve Your Horse's Suppleness, Balance, Rhythm, Strength And Flexibility. Created by Grey Pony Films™
💕 Extra layouts 💕
Polework Exercises GOLD
Discover 91 Pole Exercises for Bending, Heavy on the Forehand, Horses who Rush, Transitions, Strength in the Hind End & Core Engagement. Grab a copy of Polework GOLD today! Created by Grey Pony Films™

FREE iPhone & Android Apps

Enjoy the FREE Rideable Horse Tracker, Dressage Hero & Polework Exercises apps 

Enjoy these Liberty, Lateral & Connection exercises
💕 Unbalanced or Heavy?
Improve Your Horse's Flexibility, Balance, Suppleness, Self-Carriage & Softness Without Your Trainer Being Present! Created by Grey Pony Films™
💕 Dancing at Liberty™
Enjoy 11 Inspiring Liberty Exercises To Build Trust & Connection While Having Fun With Your Horse! Created by Grey Pony Films™

"The techniques are simple, and building blocks towards connecting to your horse. My horse & I have a much better connection now - thank you" ~ Kathy, Arizona

💕 Beautifully Connected™
Give your horse the gift of trust & connection with these 9 inspiring 'Beautifully Connected' groundwork & riding lessons. Created by Grey Pony Films™
"I have thoroughly enjoyed Elaine's whole approach with horses. She is a breath of fresh air" ~ Sharon, UK  
Confidence Fix™

Ever wish your horse had MORE confidence?

The Confidence Fixis our online program for how owners who want to help both themselves & their horses, build confidence & trust in each other.  This online course will give you the knowledge, skills, and tools to make a real difference in your confidence level. Learn about horse body language, how to cope in scary situations, and get all of my favorite methods & exercises to help both you & your horse build a ton of confidence together. Created by Grey Pony Films™.
TRAIL BRAVE Groundwork Toolkit
Got a pushy, spooky or nervous horse? Does your horse get anxious in new places? Join the TRAILBRAVE Groundwork Toolkit and improve your horse's focus, relaxation and confidence in just 14 days with Steve Halfpenny. Created in association with Grey Pony Films™
Listening to the Horse Method™

Ready to improve your horse riding?

Discover all the exercises, skills and strategies you need to create trust, connection, partnership and a happy riding horse - using 100% kind methods :)

Includes groundwork, riding, polework, collection, lateral & sideways movements, in-hand work, riding bitless & in a hackamore, smaller cues, core strength & much more! Created by Grey Pony Films™

Listenology Book Trilogy

Equine Listenology is the new horsemanship series, created by Elaine Heney & available on Amazon worldwide.

Listenology is packed full of stories, lessons, case studies and exercises for you & your horse. This Equine Listenology trilogy includes the guide, the companion workbook & the journal. 
Listenology™ Audio Book
Listenology is packed full of stories, lessons, case studies and exercises for you & your horse. Enjoy listening to the #1 best-selling Listenology book while driving to work, on the train, driving to the barn or mucking out stables. 
Listening to the Horse™

Official t-shirts & hoodies

Horsemanship journals & diaries (ships worldwide from Amazon)

Meet your instructor, Elaine Heney
Meet your instructor, Elaine Heney 
Elaine Heney is an Irish horsewoman, film producer at Grey Pony Films™, #1 best-selling author, and director of the award-winning 'Listening to the Horse™' documentary

She has helped over 120,000+ horse owners in 113 countries to create awesome relationships with their horses, and her horsemanship films & mini-documentaries have been watched by over 1.7+ million people.

Elaine's mission is to help horse owners around the world to listen to their horses, build great partnerships together, and make the world a better place for the horse. She lives in Ireland with her horses Ozzie & Matilda. 
Discover what others are saying about Elaine's work...

Elaine has opened me up to a whole new world with horses!

I love following Elaine. When she tell me about Ozzie I feel confident that I can do it and get it as well ~ Helli
"I have thoroughly enjoyed Elaine's whole approach with horses. She is a breath of fresh air" ~ Sharon, UK  
Thank you for all the work you do. You have opened me up to a whole new world with horses ~ Kathi, USA
What makes Grey Pony Films™ different to ''traditional'  horse riding lessons?
At Grey Pony Films™, we help horse owners become beautiful horse riders, through world-class online training & horse riding education, while listening to the horse and protecting their long term physical health. 

We've helped horse owners just like you, understand how horses learn and improve their groundwork and riding skills, using 100% kind methods & going at the speed of the trust for the horse. We have an amazing online community & can't wait to meet you & your horse :)
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Grey Pony Films was founded by Elaine Heney, multi award-winning film-maker and horsewoman from Ireland. Elaine is inspired by Ozzie, her gorgeous grey Connemara. Enjoy our award-winning horse movies, documentaries and online workshops. 

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