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Welcome to Grey Pony Films. Over 50,000 people have enjoyed our movies and educational programs. Grey Pony Films was founded by Elaine Heney, a horsewoman & award-winning film-maker from Ireland, who is inspired by Ozzie, her gorgeous grey Connemara. Enjoy our inspiring award-winning horse movies, documentaries, books, challenges and free workshops. 
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Free Online workshops
Steve Halfpenny
Creating the Soft, Relaxed Horse Workshop
Jeff Sanders
The California Hackamore Workshop
Steve Halfpenny
Garrocha for Balance and Posture Workshop
Jeff Sanders
New Jeff Sanders Workshop - coming soon!
Over 50,000 people have watched Listening to the Horse. And I've got many emails asking me - 'what's next?!' I have been working on a top secret horsemanship challenge, suitable for all horse owners round the world. This will help you have fun with your horse, while learning valuable horsemanship lessons with a number of world renowned horse people. The challenge starts on June 8th! Register today at
Films & Movies
Soft Feel and Light Horses
Enjoy Steve Halfpenny's award-winning documentary, filmed by Grey Pony Films in Australia. 
Out of the Wild
Out of the Wild is the story of Henry McBride, a down and out cowboy. Written by Mark Rashid. 
Listening to the Horse
Watch as 70+ of the world's top horse people share their stories in this award-winning 7-part docu-series. 
Meet our Educators
Jeff Sanders
'From the first year I rode with Jeff his eye and his communication skills have grown and simplified. to be able to help the greenest of horses and riders. His ability to see through to what is going on between horse and rider is extraordinary.
Mary House - Australia
Steve Halfpenny
'Over the last 18 years, I learned from Steve to think from the point of view of the horse's mind. It changed my whole being with horses and gives me the opportunity to understand many different horses and to tune my behavior and willingness to it.'
Ulrike - Germany
To be announced...
'There are very few people whose horsemanship I admire more than this lady. She has a innate way of understanding horses, helping them to feel better, and helping her students achieve more than they had thought possible. She is truly remarkable.' 
Elaine - Ireland
Online Courses & DVDs
Posture for Balance & Relaxation Program
Getting in time with
your horse's feet
Ozzie, the story of a young horse
At the horse sales in Kilkenny, Elaine Heney bought a green five year old gelding. Meet Ozzie the Conenmara and follow his many adventures!
Posture for Balance
Frustrated with your bad posture habits? Start transforming them into good habits and improve your balance and relaxation while riding today!
Conversations with the Horse
After over 50,000 watched Listening to the Horse, Elaine decided it was time to tell their stories in this new book. Publishing date summer 2019.
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