Grey Pony Films™ Affiliate Program

The Grey Pony Films™ affiliate program for a number of our online courses is now open. When you share our products with your horse friends, students or community, you can earn 40% commission on sales generated from your unique affiliate link (this is a link you will get when you are an affiliate). This program would be perfect for you if you would like to earn commissions each month and: 
  • You run an equestrian business 
  • ​You have equestrian followers on social media
  • You are an equestrian professional, trainer or coach 
  • ​You are a member of an equestrian organisation, club or community
  • ​You are an equestrian blogger or influencer
  • ​You have an equestrian email list
What courses can I be an affiliate for? You can become an affiliate for up to 4 courses:
How much do I get paid, and when do I get paid?
  • You will get paid 40% of all sales made using your unique affiliate link.
  • You will be paid once per month, near the start of each month. 
  • Payment is to your paypal account only.
  • ​There is a standard 4+ week delay in payment processing, in case there are refunds. 
  • ​For example, sales in October will be paid at the start of December. Sales in November are paid out at the start of January.
The T&Cs (please read)
  • You earn affiliate sales only when people you refer use your affiliate link to purchase. If they do not use your link, you do not get credited with the sale.
  • You cannot purchase a course using your own affiliate link. If you do so you will be removed from the program immediately. You cannot use your links on coupon sites. 
  • You cannot share your affiliate link in the LTTH group, LTTH Facebook page or Grey Pony Films Facebook page. 
  • ​Your affiliate agreement is with and you must adhere to their terms & conditions.
  • ​If someone buys but then gets a refund, you will not get any affiliate payment for that sale. 
  • ​Sales are paid to your paypal account. You will need a paypal account to receive them. 
  • ​Sales are paid out once per month, at the start of the month from Teachable, and at least 1 month after the sales. For example, any sales in the month of August are paid to your Paypal account in early October. Any sales in the month of December are paid to your Paypal account in early February. 
  • ​We reserved the right to remove you from the affiliate program if you do not adhere to these rules, or if you have not had an affiliate sales in 3 months.
  • ​We reserve the right to end this affiliate program in the future with 14 days notice. 
  • ​By being part of this affiliate agreement, you agree to these terms. 
  • ​Got questions? Email: 
How do I get started?  Please fill out this application form . Please allow 7 days for us to review your application. 

Thanks ~ Elaine.
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