70 of the world's top horse people share their stories in this remarkable award-winning documentary.

Enjoy part 1 of the Listening to the Horse docu-series by Elaine Heney.

Meet the 70+ incredible horsemen and horsewomen in this movie...

Meet the director, Elaine Heney

Join #1 award-winning Irish film-maker and best-selling author, Elaine Heney, as she explores this question in interviews with over 70 of the world's most loved horsemen and women. This 7-part documentary series looks at many aspects of our lives with horses, including acknowledging when our horses try, feel, timing and balance, fixing problems, working with wild and young horses, groundwork, liberty, footfall, why collection is important for your horses health, feet, teeth, general health, bodywork, healing, animal communication, saddle and bit fit, fear and confidence issues, mental health, home and environment.

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